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  1. Hi all Applogies if this is in the wrong fourm. I am a UK nurse working within an er/acute medical unit thinking of moving to Canada (Alberta) as an RN. My question is within this area of nursing what clinical skills are considered the norm for registered nurses to perform from the off set. Also is there a listing for procedures done by emergency nurses in Canadian ERs? I do understand that skill sets change from nursing board to board, but any info general would be great.Andy
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    Hello, RNs basically work to full scope of practice in my hospital (ED). You can find a copy of the Alberta RN scope of practice at this link, hope it helps!
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    Thanks for replying

    Yeah that very useful thanks for that , do you mind if I sent you a PM about ER's in Alberta

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    I am a registered nurse with a diploma. I am very interested in migrating to Canada to work as a nurse. I am presently practicing in the Cayman Islands. Since i dont have my BsN i was thinking of applying as a LPN and then doing my degree part time, however i dont know how to procede. Any ideas of which provience would be the best and how do i go about starting the process. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
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    If you check out the stickies at the bottom of the Canadian Forum you will find links to the college of nurses in each province/territory.Contact the one you want to live in and they will instruct you on how to apply for a nursing license.
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    rns basically work to full scope of practice in my hospital (ed)
    i know the intention of the post was to indicate that rn's have a broad scope of practice in er's in canada. certainly the job of triage and other emergency nursing roles carries great responsibility for decision-making intervention and collaboration...

    but i thought i should point out that technically there is no registered nurse in canada who practices to a full scope of practice because the legislated scope is much to broad to be contained in a single job description.

    nursing practice in canada includes acute hospital care, long term care, outpatient care, home care, and community assessors, research, community health and community care. the number of jobs however, that occur in all those setting are minute.

    by far the majority of nursing jobs occur in one or maybe two of those settings so it would be hard to generalize that a nurse in an emergency setting works to "full scope".
  8. by   loriangel14
    Working at your full scope does not mean working in all capacities at once.That 's not what they meant by saying ER nurses work at full scope.