Canadian Nurse looking at applying to another province-anyone have any experience?

  1. I'm a Registered nurse who graduated back in 2012 working in Newfoundland. I've been looking at applying outside my province(BC/Alberta mainly) but just wondering if I should even bother with the process of getting a RN licence until I have a job offer.

    Anyone have any experience in the matter?

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  3. by   joanna73
    Jobs are scarce in most Provinces unless you have years of experience and/ or specialized skills. If you're willing to work small towns or if you have enough experience to sign with an agency then you should be fine, although nothing is guaranteed.

    Try sending resumes out first to prospective employers and see what happens. It's not wise to move anywhere without an offer because you could be months without work.

    I moved to AB four years ago with an offer. I would not recommend moving here without one. Local nurses are having a hard time for years just moving within the system.
  4. by   Qing
    Finding a job that is full time or permanent is not easy to find, but don't give up. I am having a hard time in Ontario, and the agency is not enough. I am not so sure about Alberta, but I got the RN license and have yet to have a job offer there. If you really want to save money, then wait until there is an offer. However, if you can get agency get it and try to pick up a few shifts. I can't guarantee you will have enough shifts because I ended up with 2 or 3 agencies. Anyways, do what you can and don't give up.
    Wait until you get an offer, however some employers ask if you have a current RN license with the province before they proceed to go further in the process.