Calgary Region Floods: Stay Safe! - page 2

Just thinking of those people affected by the recent floodings in AB. The damage looks horrific! Hope everyone is safe!... Read More

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    Sorry to hear this Zig_Zag_RN

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    Had a couple of family members sent down there to work over the last week. They said the zoo was a disaster as was the Burnco plant.

    They said the people were lovely to them, providing them with snacks and drinks.

    There are a couple of places around town collecting new bedding and personal care items in addition to cash.

    I'm glad you and your pets are safe, zigzag.
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    Really sorry to hear of your loss Zig Zag, but I'm glad to hear that you're safe.

    Hopefully the government will provide relief in addition to the amount they've indicated. I can't see how a prepaid debt card will be nearly enough.
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    Thanks so much. I think the hardest part is waiting to see what is wrong with my house, or if I even have a house left. Day 8 so far and now I hear the Alberta Government is taking over the situation. Ugh. Staying with another nurse in Calgary...and the outpouring of support from my nursing and medical co workers is really amazing. Thanks again.
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