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Hi everyone,I'm planning to move sometime next fall. Based on my research, it seems as though Edmonton is less expensive than Calgary, when you're comparing cost of living. In terms of nursing jobs,... Read More

  1. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I can introduce you to some great people who would show you all the best places for fun and excitement. There's actually a lot of things to do here on a night off or over a weekend. Jasper is do-able on weekends - maybe not quite as close to Edmonton as Banff is to Calgary, but it's 4-lane all the way.
  2. by   MPKH
    I grew up in Vancouver as well, and I find Edmonton to be quite a nice city to be in. Sure, Calgary's bigger and has a bit more stuff to do (but I stand by my point that there really isn't anything that Calgary has that Edmonton doesn't), but Edmonton's got its own fun things and excitement too. The River Valley is gorgeous, lot's of malls and strip malls for your shopping needs, and it IS festival city! Whyte Avenue is pretty neat, and West Edmonton Mall is one famous mall. Granted, I literally moved to Edmonton two weeks ago so I'm still finding my way around the city, but so far, I like what I see.

    I don't believe that just because you're from the biggest city in Ontario Calgary would be more for you. It's really about what you like better. Jobs are readily available in both cities--I got offers for full time lines in both. Economy's good. Calgary's cost of living has a higher price tag, but that's to be expected.

    I may go live in Calgary in the future (dependent on what the boyfriend and I plan for us), but right now, I am quite liking Edmonton!
  3. by   petethecanuck
    Ok, I've been following this thread and I feel someone should speak up for Calgary. We're not all snobs down here and yes the Olympics in '88 were epic and the Stampede has it's highlights sans the drunken oil execs who think they are 18 again .

    We have very mild winters, long beautiful Indian Summers and hey, once the South Campus ramps up operations, it will be a really nice Hospital!
  4. by   Fiona59
    Pete, my kids were born in Calgary. I survived Foothills and the old Grace maternity units. lol. They still go down once a year to the zoo (they take their girlfriends and make a weekend out of it). Then the Cross Irons is a good shop. They prefer it to West Ed because "it's not as loud".
  5. by   flyingchange
    Joanna, I found the Cross to be a really great place to work. The staff camaraderie is unlike anywhere else - everyone takes breaks together, from NAs to MDs. There are also lots of opportunities for education. I don't work there anymore because I haven't found the right fit (Inpatients wasn't for me) but I'd try one of the other units in a heartbeat.

    +1 for Edmonton
  6. by   joanna73
    Realistically, it will probably be Edmonton for me, although I will definitely visit Calgary. I want to have more options for sure, but I'm a saver, and I stay home now, a lot more than I used to...even when I lived downtown TO the last few years. I'm 40, not going clubbing isn't my thing anymore. I enjoy going for dinners, movies, and of course, I want to go home more often.
  7. by   itsmejuli
    LOL this has turned into a Calgary vs Edmonton thread

    I'm 50 and living on the west end of downtown Calgary, near 14st sw and 17 Ave Sw.

    So...I can walk to the bank, to Co-op and Safeway, to Shoppers and London Drugs, and countless coffee shops, diners, restaurants, pubs and night clubs. I can walk to downtown, the Core Mall is newly remodelled. I can walk 2 blocks in 3 directions to various buses, there will be a new LRT station opening 6 blocks away. I can safely ride my bike to work along a bike trail, there's a rec centre 10 blocks away. I can even walk to the Greyhound station or take a city bus directly to the Red Arrow. There's also a city bus that goes to the airport.

    Yesterday was my day off, a friend and I took a Brewster tour to Lake Louise and a few other stops and were home by 9pm.

    There are 4 districts here that are similar to Whyte Ave, Uptown 17th, Marda Loop, Kensington and Mission.

    I moved here from Tampa Bay Florida, so far the only thing I don't like is winter. And yes, the winter here in Calgary is much better than Edmonton, its not just warmer, its lighter.

    So if you're interested in seeing Calgary, send me a pm...I'd love to show you around.
  8. by   joanna73
    Thanks! I'm a walker also. I didn't get my license until I moved here, and I'm not fond of driving.
  9. by   joanna73
    Thanks everyone for your replies I'm not certain where I will end up, but I am looking regularly for positions in both places. I am certain that I am leaving my job next year, with or without a firm offer. While I would not ordinarily recommend doing so, I feel fine with my decision. I'm very flexible, willing to relocate, and I have some savings to keep me going. After 2 years in a small town, I definitely have itchy feet!
  10. by   Bre90
    As a very biased native Calgarian, I would definitely say Calgary is the better city.
  11. by   joanna73
    After weighing the pros and cons, I've decided on Calgary. I've never been to Calgary, and I'm sure there will be staffing needs somewhere, since the South Calgary site is opening. More flights depart from Calgary than Edmonton as well. I'll try it out. I can always move to Edmonton if I decide. Thanks for your input everyone! Have a good night!
  12. by   Trishrpn80
    joanna - i am in the process of getting my license in alberta and come july 2013 i will also be relocating... i think i am going for calgary as well... for me its closer to the american border to visit my mom and brother... who knows i may change my mind again depending on where the jobs are..

    i am excited to start a new chapter in my life... wherever i land i have to stay for 4 yrs for my dtr to go to high school...eek