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Hi everyone,I'm planning to move sometime next fall. Based on my research, it seems as though Edmonton is less expensive than Calgary, when you're comparing cost of living. In terms of nursing jobs,... Read More

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    Thanks! I'm a walker also. I didn't get my license until I moved here, and I'm not fond of driving.

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    Thanks everyone for your replies I'm not certain where I will end up, but I am looking regularly for positions in both places. I am certain that I am leaving my job next year, with or without a firm offer. While I would not ordinarily recommend doing so, I feel fine with my decision. I'm very flexible, willing to relocate, and I have some savings to keep me going. After 2 years in a small town, I definitely have itchy feet!
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    As a very biased native Calgarian, I would definitely say Calgary is the better city.
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    After weighing the pros and cons, I've decided on Calgary. I've never been to Calgary, and I'm sure there will be staffing needs somewhere, since the South Calgary site is opening. More flights depart from Calgary than Edmonton as well. I'll try it out. I can always move to Edmonton if I decide. Thanks for your input everyone! Have a good night!
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    joanna - i am in the process of getting my license in alberta and come july 2013 i will also be relocating... i think i am going for calgary as well... for me its closer to the american border to visit my mom and brother... who knows i may change my mind again depending on where the jobs are..

    i am excited to start a new chapter in my life... wherever i land i have to stay for 4 yrs for my dtr to go to high school...eek
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