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Hi all, I posted in the Student area but it all seemed to be aimed at the US, so I thought I would try my luck in here. My wife and I start college here in the uUK in September, and in four... Read More

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    Quote from britgirl
    To fiona59 not a very friendly reply,are you not happy in canada ?
    Lori's correct. The "ex-pats" tend to moan the most and do the least to adapt to the new environment.

    They honestly embarrass the rest of us who have been here long enough to marry, raise our families, etc.

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    OK I consider my self an expat however I have settled in well into the community and love to get comments on 'Why here' and 'love your accent'

    What I do see and it annoys me and not necessary from the UK is people posting wanting to meet others from their country or want a doctor/nurse or even TV channels from their home country.............. You are not in your country anymore...... get on with what you can there is good and bad in all areas and no one asked you to move country.
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    Exactly, Silverdragon. There are entire little ghettos of ex-pats all over the country. Nanaimo on the Island, down around Victoria, on the lower mainland there are people who have been here since the '60s who have suddenly become "ex-pats" and hang out in theme pubs, moan that the fish and chips aren't the same and that CBC has pre-empted Corrie for the Stanley Cup!
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