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  1. Hello, I am planning on attending the LPN program at CNC in Prince George, B.C. My husband is living and working in Grande Prairie, Alberta. I am planning on going to school in Prince George because the GP regional college only offers RN and other programs not the LPN, as far as my guidance councillar and I have researched. And I have many family members in Prince George. I feel that the LPN is the perfect job for me, many have tried to talk me into the RN but it is the LPN that I have my eyes on. Although straight out of CBC, PG I want to move with my husband to Alberta. Bringing me to my concern, Am I going to have to go through anything additional to be able to work in Alberta being a BC LPN graduate? Once I become a LPN in B.C is it different then LPN's in Alberta?
    Thank you.
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  3. by   CLPNA
    Hi alabatiuk44,

    I'm with the College of LPNs in Alberta (www.CLPNA.com), which is the regulatory and licensing board for LPNs in Alberta, and can give you exactly the answer you need.

    The first thing you need to understand is that since health care in Canada is provincially regulated, each province has their own regulatory and licensing has it's own standards and "scope of practice" (what an LPN can do) for Licensed Practical Nurses. So, BC's standards and scope of practice are different from Alberta's, therefore the educational programs are also different. For example, BC's practical nurse programs take one-year to complete, while Alberta's are two-year diplomas.

    If you choose to take the LPN program in BC, you must complete the practical nurse program, pass the CPNRE (Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination; the national exam for all LPNs in Canada), and obtain full registration with the College of LPNs of BC (www.CLPNBC.org) before you are eligible to apply for registration in Alberta. (Check http://www.clpnbc.org/index.php?dbq=9#809 for CLPNBC's registration fees, and http://www.clpna.com/Applicants/FeeS...6/Default.aspx for CLPNA's registration fees.)

    Then you need to request an "Out Of Province Package" from us, the CLPNA. Once you're submitted all the required documents in the Out of Province Package, your file is individually assessed to see if you meet Alberta LPN standards.

    If you meet Alberta LPN standards, you are approved for Active registration; if you are missing any educational components, we may offer you the opportunity to obtain a Limited registration. In both cases, you can start working as an LPN. If you have Limited registration, you are given a certain amount of time to complete the missing educational components. CLPNA will let you know what educational components you are missing and where they are available.

    Nearly all newly graduated applicants from BC are approved for Active registration as most practical nurse programs cover the Alberta requirements in Adult Physical Assessment, Medication Administration, and Infusion Therapy. However, we cannot tell you what the exact outcome of your individual application until your file is assessed.

    Another option you might want to consider is NorQuest College (www.norquest.ca) in Edmonton, as they do offer the Practical Nursing program through distance learning. This would allow you to take the program as an Alberta student, and allow you to move to Grande Prairie immediately. For further information, you will need to contact NorQuest College directly.

    Hope that helps!
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  4. by   Barry,LPN
    I know that there has been some strides made to standardize LPN and RN programs across Canada to allow free movement of nurses across provincial regulatory jurisdictions..... while some success has been made... we have a ways to go I believe.
    I understand Alberta nurses' scope is higher than the nurses' of BC.... including such things as IV medication administration etc.
    I believe your best bet would be to get in contact with CLPNA.... the regulatory body for nurses of Alberta (similar to our CLPNBC.... I think they would be the best ones to advise you as you would have to meet their registration requirements to practice in Alberta.

    Hope this helps....

    Victoria, BC
  5. by   Fiona59
    I agree, Barry. "CLPNA"'s answer is kind of vague (I wonder if the body would approve of the use of their name as a screen name?)

    I've worked with BC educated LPNs who were required to upgrade their A&P and meds admin courses.

    Like you say, the scope of AB LPNs is quite broad (thanks to CLPNA who keeps increasing our scope without asking its members if they want the responsibilities, I know that I've never been asked)

    Find out if the course will cover IV meds preparation and administration, IV starts, IM/SC/ID injections, etc. I believe that IV starts will be covered in the basic course by next year (currently it's hospital based).

    Working LPNs here in AB have also heard rumours that central line care (dressing and flushes) will be added to our workload in the very near future.

    CLPNA is working actively to decrease the skill set between RNs and LPNs. Yet refuse to get involved in working with our union when it comes time to negotiate wage increases.

    Factor in that AB has the two year diploma entry route and then compare the education.

    Remember that even the very basic education for PNs successfully completed will enable you to apply to write CPNRE upon graduation.
  6. by   CuriousStudent1108
    Just glancing briefly over all the posts in response to yours, sorry if I misunderstood.

    It seems you might be unaware that there IS an LPN program offered in Grande Prairie - I am registered in it, and begin classes on the 8th. It is provided not directly by GPRC, but instead by Northern Lakes College. They have a large portable on the GPRC campus as of this year, and NL students have the library/gym/climbing wall, etc privileges provided to the GPRC students.

    The course is a diploma program 2 years long running Sept to May for a total of 4 semesters.

    If you want more information go to the Northern Lakes College website, or you can ask whatever other questions you need to know and I may be able to give more information.
  7. by   CLPNA
    Thank you, CuriousStudent1108, for pointing out the Northern Lakes College program in Grande Prairie. My apologies for not mentioning that location.
    Quote from Fiona59
    I agree, Barry. "CLPNA"'s answer is kind of vague (I wonder if the body would approve of the use of their name as a screen name?)
    Considering alabatiuk44 has not yet begun her practical nurse education, the answer was intended to share some information regarding Out of Province registration and some options regarding education.

    My apologies if it wasn't clear, but this is a CLPNA staff member login.
  8. by   CuriousStudent1108
    No, indeed thank you for posting the information about provincial transfers, it is valuable.

    I just wasn't certain if she realized there IS a LPN program available IN Grande Prairie through Northern Lakes. She could then avoid the rigamorale of having to transfer licensing between provinces.
  9. by   marie1985
    hello everyone, I am quite new with this forum and have no idea where to direct my query. So, I guess I'll just post it here. I am opt to take the CPRNE this coming May and is hoping to pass. I am originally an RN from another country. After having my credentials evaluated, the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of BC considered it and gave me the eligibility to write the exam. However, for personal reasons -- I will be moving to Alberta mid this year. Should I pass the exam, would the LPN regulatory body in AB consider my registration? I am just quite anxious that I might go back to square one. Hope someone could give me some insights. Thanks all.
  10. by   CLPNA

    Your question was answered in my post above dated Aug 24, '09. Start at the paragraph that begins:

    If you choose to take the LPN program in BC,...
    If you have further questions, please contact the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (www.clpna.com).