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Hey guys! I'm in my final year of high school, and i've applied to Ryerson, Humber, George Brown, Centennial and Mohawk for Nursing, starting in September 2011 I know its early, but i was wondering if anyone else has gotten... Read More

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    i've accepted Humber's offer!

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    I am still waiting and hoping to get a response from Ryerson. So far got only offer from York, but Ryerson is my first choice.
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    Congrats KateWindsor for your acceptance to Humber! I hope you like it there
    I'm also still waiting for a response from University of Western Ontario (UWO) and Fanshawe College, both for the collaborative Nursing BScN program. I hear that offers are only sent out after April or so from this school... it's getting harder to wait this long and I am starting to lose patience!!! Haha!
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    The second round of offers go out mid-march I think. and I know ccormier! It is soooo hard to wait. I got really frustrated with waiting for out of province schools (ontario) for a response so I was about to apply to a Nova Scotia university when I found out about my george brown/ryerson acceptance. Then two days later I got my Ryerson and York/georgian acceptance, when I least expected it. I don't think I'll get into St.Clair/Windsor or Mohawk/Macmaster regardless of my grades, because they sent me a letter saying that they give first priority to accept ontario students for oversubscribed programs. I didn't get any acceptance from St. LAwrence/Laurentian (my sister's college) which surprised me unless they use the same policy about ontario student's priority.
    But I already accepted my offer from Ryerson (my 1st choice) so I guess it doesn't really matter.
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    Getting anxious!! Still haven't heard anything from either the University of Ottawa or Algonquin. Waiting is probably the hardest part!! Anyone heard anything yet??

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    Hey guys,
    Mohawk wont start sending out conditional offers till this week. So perhaps in the next few days, maybe mid next week.
    Who's actually planning on going to momac???
    Cant wait to start in september
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    Woohoo! Got accepted at University of Western Ontario Nursing (BScN) program! Now, I'm on my way to be a !
    I didn't think I would hear anything until next month or later, but I got a nice surprise waiting for me yesterday when I woke up.
    To all of you still waiting: don't lose faith guys, it's so worth all the wait and anxiety! :heartbeat
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    Congrats! and it is so true, the hardest part is the waiting
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    Received a Durham College RPN program acceptance today very excited to start this September.
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    Good morning -- Just got my acceptance to the BScN program at Ottawa U today!

    This will be a second career for me, and the reality of being accepted and pursuing this lifelong dream still haven't quite sunk in (but I'm sure it won't take long!)!!!


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