*CANADA* BScN and beyond as an adult--advice!

  1. Hello All, and thank you in advance for your help...

    I'm a 25 year old Canadian chef and the child of an RN with 35+ years experience in the field. As a child and teenager, my mom was a travelling nurse in the US and we moved all over; frequently my only social interactions were with her OR employee friends. I have a pretty clear grasp of nursing...the good and the bad...and I'm at the point where I'd like to make a career change/commitment into healthcare, mainly for practical reasons.

    I don't have any formal university experience, certainly nothing in the sciences. I'm starting from square one (Grade 12 upgrading), and I also will not be able to get student loans. I have considered going to school in the US and doing the 2-year RN and then upgrading, but I don't think I'd be able to afford to live (non-citizen). Thus, I'm looking for the best track in Canada to do this.

    1. Is it worth starting as an LPN/RPN to gain experience and offset some educational costs?

    2. Does anyone know if Ontario (Toronto) hospitals offer educational reimbursement for RPNs upgrading to BScN?

    3. Eventually, I do see myself pursing either a PA or MSN degree. I understand the PA is a med track, MSN is nursing etc and I've researched all about what I'd need to qualify. However, is it seen in a bad light to essentially have a BScN as a stepping stone into the medical model (PA)?

    Thank you for your time, help, and advice!
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