What's the difference between a graduate nurse and an experienced nurse? - page 4

Fill in the blanks... Use the following template: A Graduate Nurse _______________________________. An experienced nurse _______________________________. I'll start it out with...... Read More

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    a graduate nurse loves to run to codes.

    an experienced nurse makes graduate nurses run to codes
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    The graduate nurse stops at the store for snacks before work looks at the cashier and thinks "Wow that costs so much with my student loans coming due this week"
    The experienced nurse stops for snacks before work and looks at the cashiers hands and thinks "Nice veins".
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    A graduate nurse follows all the rules that the wackos from JACHO hands out and
    an experienced nurse stabs other nurses in the back.
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    The graduate nurse respects the doctors for their knowledge and as coworkers.

    The experienced nurse is secretly plotting their demise.
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    A graduate nurse is shocked when a fellow nurse stabs her in the back.An experienced nurse has enough knives in her back that she looks like a porcupine. Hell, she's probably returned the favor many times.
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    Graduate nurse; 'My back hurts'
    Experienced nurse; 'My everything hurts'
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    a graduate nurse thinks people respect nurses.
    an experienced nurse knows everybody blames everything on the nurse
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    A graduate nurse walks in early at the beginning of the shift smiling, happy and almost skipping and singing like the smurfs ("tra-la-la-la-la") because they are finally a real nurse. (Unicorns and rainbows ) An experienced nurse walks in with a straight face, half asleep and says "meh", "bleh", "pffft", or something to that effect.

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