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Working nights can be very interesting and challenging at times. It can also be very exciting and fast paced. I was working one night from 7p to 7a. My co-worker and I had our night planned, report taken, all patients were... Read More

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    Thank you. I love it. I also am a firm believer in living your life with lots of laughter. We never ever know how much time we have left to put a smile on someone else's face, so why not give it a go.
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    Quote from grntea
    toothbrushing tach is a major differential diagnosis in most ccus. :d
    yep- been there, seen that (med-surg here), also tach d/t scratching an itch, or laughing. (i owe a couple of my gray hairs to just that phenomenon). you still have to check the patient instead of the monitor but w. a pt who's not really high risk and has been stable and asymptomatic i've been known to call in on my way down and ask "feeling alright in there? are you by any chance brushing your teeth or scratching yourself?"
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    It was an interesting stories what I have read in here.I could learnt things from your experiences.If any in my future journey, i might also have one like yours, at least i will be reminded of it...
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    Whenever I have a patient scheduled for chest percussion I call up to the monitor tech and give them a heads up.
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    Quote from suanna
    I'm thinking a good 300j defib would help point out to this patient how much fun his little joke was. Not an option, too bad. You took it in better grace than I would have. It would be fun to point out to the patient that another patient had thier IV infiltrate while you were enjoying his little joke and now was going to loose his arm- a shame you were so busy with his v-tach....
    Agreed. Nice little joke, tell him "'Good one' ... but don't ever do that again!!"

    Once had a pt sitting in a chair brushing his teeth .... monitor = VTACH.

    Artifact .... right?



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