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Thought this might kinda' be a fun and interesting topic. What is the most "interesting" or weird object/thing that a patient has lost/lodged/stuck in an orifice? I know there's got to be some good stories! I have a good... Read More

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    A metal tent stake. A cassette tape. A nail polish bottle (the x-ray showed the little metal bb's in the bottom of the bottle lmao)

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    while working in longterm facility a resident was found to have a sippy cup (the two handle each side kind) stuck so far up her vagina dr couldn't reach with gloved fingers! He had to use forceps! Then when cup was removed sittin on surgical tray the dr turned away for a moment and it disappeared! Yep right back in cubby hole!
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    recently a young man was studying at home for a final test when he fell asleep, as his head fell into the #2 pencil on his right hand logging it into his rt. ear so deeply that it had to be surgically removed.

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