Funny things we do/say and dont realize it...

  1. I am a Homehealth Rn and i went to see one of my primary patients the other day. because i am a new grad and am being preparred to take the position as a on-call nurse, i am still in training after 4 months (until 1/15/09) and have to get signed off on everyskill in the world so it seems. he was trach care and after the visit, the trainer said something and then said how we sometimes say/do things that dont make much sense at the time and then laugh about it later. the patient was very, very pleasant and began to recount his recent hospital stay. he told us that as far as saying stuff that doesnt make sense goes, this is what happened to him:

    he had just gotten his trach put in and could not talk. everytime he pressed the call bell and nurse would answer and ask him what he wanted. when he wouldnt answer, she would keep saying "hello, hello" and then get upset and hang up. he said he had to call about 3 to 4 times before they actually came to the room. he laughed it off and said that they must have forgotten that he could talk right at that time. poor guy.

    i know i have made the mistake several times of asking my poor dialysis patients with no urine output if they are having any complications with urine output, burning, itching or odor. on thursday, i even asked my colostomy patient who is also on dialysis with no urine output, why she doesnt have a bedside commode How silly of me. As an excuse for myself, i was doing an admission and the 23 page Oasis B!!!!
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  3. by   deToxTech
    I got really confused once when i had to do an ekg on a guy missing a leg.

    I'm standing there with the leads going "where do i put the LF lead (left foot) when he doesn't have a left foot?" I also remember doing his belongings search asking "why on god's green earth does this man not have any matching socks?!"

    I felt like an idiot.
  4. by   blaquediamondzRN
    Here's something a Dr. said to a surgery pt. as I am emptying the foley catheter. "Are you getting up the the bathroom?" I'm like duh foley catheter in place.