For Fun... Courage Wolf for Nurses

  1. Just for fun... let's create some Courage Wolf memes for nurses, or others who work in hospitals! I love Courage Wolf but have not been able to find any health-care specific ones. Here is one of my favorites:


    I am sure many of you are more creative than me and I look forward to seeing your pics!
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  3. by   Baubo516
    One more to give you the general gist - I did not create this one but I like it!

  4. by   Baubo516
    I am so sad that no one else loves Courage Wolf.
  5. by   opossum
    Just stumbled upon this thread. I love courage wolf, too! My favorite is this:

    Not *exactly* courage wolf, but similar. Like his cousin.
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  7. by   OwenKL
    Not familiar with Courage Wolf, but sounds like it would have captions like:
    Faint at the sight of blood ... became a nurse.
    Scared of needles ... became a phlebotomist.
    Doctor grumpy today ... secretly switched him to decaf.
    Patient was rude ... gave her an extra enema.
    Trained as a stunt-car driver ... drive an ambulance.
    Grew up near Three-Mile Island ... became an X-ray tech.
  8. by   Baubo516
    I can't believe it took me this long to see that some people had actually replied to my thread about Courage Wolf! I like Insanity Wolf, too (his cousin), but when I look up that meme, I find too many people making Insanity Wolf into Mysogynist Wolf, so I stopped looking...

    Too fried from Nursing School to think of any cool ones right now, but I feel better knowing some folks actually read this!
  9. by   Baubo516
    OwenKL - some of yours sound like they would make good Insanity Wolf captions, too! Good ones, not evil ones...