Who to talk to after I've applied online at a hospital?

  1. Hey all, I just applied to several hospitals for CNA and medical assistant-type jobs. I want to go and talk to someone just so they can put a face to the name, but who would I talk to? I know at for instance a grocery, if you wanted a job there you would talk to a manager. But what about at a hospital? I'm not sure who actually looks at potential employees' resumes and decides to call them for an interview or not so I don't know who to talk to. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   MattNurse
    Call human resources and ask who the recruiter is for the position you are applying to. Then drop by and ask if you can leave a resume for that person, put it in an envelope with their name. Or find out who the nursing manager is and you can call them on the phone and ask them if they saw your online application, if position is still available, and if you meet the criteria, ask if you can come in for an interview.
  4. by   Double-Helix
    You'll want to talk to the nurse recruiter in the human resources department, or the manager on the floor that you're applying to.

    However, keep in mind that hospitals- especially big ones- receive dozens and sometimes hundreds of applications for each position. The recruiters are very busy and most will not accept walk in visits or phone calls just to talk about an application.