What to expect, how to deal with being nervous on first day?

  1. Hello, My name is James and I got certified as a CNA for the state of Georgia about 2 years ago. I've been applying like crazy every since I was certified and yet I would never get called in for interviews and would generally just not hear from the LTC or Hospitals I had applied to. All this changed like 2 weeks ago when I applied for 2 positions (both PRN). I received a call for my first interview which was to work as a PRN CNA for a LTC facility in the town where I live. I thought the interview went great and the lady said she would keep me at the top of her list. (She told me that they will rarely hire a male CNA though because of a low turn over on male CNAs plus the high volume of female patients.) Never heard back from her but about a week later the Hospital connected to the LTC facility called me and asked me in for an interview as well. Went in, everything went fine, she explained that the position she was hiring for was a PRN position and that I would be working day-shift 12 hours for 3 days one week and 4 days the next alternating. I have completed background checks and the physical and drug tests for the hospital and now I have orientation on Monday... any idea on what I can expect? I'm trying my best not to be nervous but I can't help it. I really need this job and I don't want to mess anything up.

    Also: Since I have almost no experience besides my clinical's is a PRN job in a Hospital the best thing for me?

    Sorry for the long post!
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  3. by   RN12PTL
    You'll be fine! Take a deep breath. And spend some time reviewing basic tasks you'll do like practicing a blood pressure on a family member. Honestly, they'll orientate you on all of the tasks and skills they want you to do- so just go in there with a good attitude and smile on your face and you'll be fine!!
  4. by   blackvans1234
    Well you still have time, usually orientation is a full week of nonsense, give or take.

    I am a guy, and a CNA as well. I was hired in a hospital, but on a physical rehab unit.
    You feel like you don't know your arse from your elbow, which is true in many ways. I learned many things from the preceptors, and many things by observing how the others were doing it. I also learned things from being ripped a new one by the nurses on occasion.

    Don't be afraid to ask questions, don't be afraid to ask for help. If you're in front of a patient act confident, they're not senile and they can see your emotion.

    Unfortunately, there are female patients that will not let you take care of them for many reasons, which is frustrating but their right nonetheless.

    I hope you continue on so you're not stuck as a CNA!