team work job interview question

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    sorry but I really don't understand this question when you get asked ' give me an example of when you have been involved with good teamwork' in an interview.

    I understand they want me to display that i able to work in a team effectively but can't think of an actual example even though I do this probably on a day to day basis.

    Could an example simply be a patient fell and I asked their nurse if they needed assistance?


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    I would try to think if you've been involved in a situation where a patient was circling the drain, or re-organizing the stock room. Something like that. Where you just jumped in and helped without being asked. It doesn't necessarily have to be in the hospital.
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    Have you ever been involved in a code or rapid response? That's teamwork there, if I ever saw it. Or maybe there was a code going on and you circled the unit, answering call bells and checking on patients, doing extra vitals, etc. while the primary nurse was responding to the code?

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