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returen nurse need help at job hunting and resume

  1. 0 Hi Dear,

    I am new here and I really hope anyone can give me some advice or anyone has the simliar experience can share your opinion.

    I am a nurse from China and I have 2 years medi-surg ward experience , 1 year as a clinic nurse. then I have about 5 years break from nursing field. All those experiences are in China.

    Now I got my US RN license in NY state.

    But I have many problems on my job hunting.

    1) I don't know how to make my resume look better. As everyone would concern about the part why I quit the nursing job so long. To be honest, I quited because I wanted to explore my interest instead of nursing. And the salary as a nurse in China is not so attractive.But the interviewer seems question about my willing to commit on the nursing job a lot. I think it is really normal to be uncertain when people were young.

    2)I have a credential nursing education background and experience but not in US. I understand that every employer might concern about my communication ability. I can communicate in English. Actually I have experience working in an English speaking environment but not as a nurse. To better prepare my medical terminologiest part, I have taken an English-Chinese medical interpreter program. And I got a certificate of completion.

    3)As everyone said it is a tough time to get a job. I am really worried about my situation even I really want to be an RN. I don't mind to begin as a LPN or NA. I think to be a LPN or NA would be better for me rather than RN. As now I am not confident about my skills even I have skills. I just need a chance to get my feet on the floor.

    4) I think a refresh course might be helpful. Does anyone know any course that have been proved to play a valuabe role for a return nurse on job hunting. Is there any online course ?

    Hopefully anyone can give me some advice. I am really open for discussion also.

    Thank you all.