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I finally got my big break as a new grad and got my first wonderful call from a recruiter. I was volunteering at the time that she called so I could not pick up the phone. I called her back 2 hours later and I got her message... Read More

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    Yes!!! Such good points!! Thanks RNRAC and Meriwhen!

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    I hope you get the call back! That has to be really be frustrating because there you are, finally happy that someone saw the value in you and called you back, but because you happened to miss their call, it's like they forgot what they were even calling you about. I find it hard to believe that they could just drop a prospective candidate like that, but HR people do strange things.
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    Thanks Citynights89! Me too.. I called again today but didn't leave a message. It's only been ringing twice when I've been calling. Maybe she's on vacay?? Hope so! Well the weekend is coming up so gotta wait till Monday! Thanks again for all the support guys!
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    I would send an email and try calling once every 2-3 days at most. Calling once every day still makes you appear stalkerish, IMO. You don't want to annoy the recruiter and blow your opportunity.
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    I just went through this with the entire HR department after I had applied for a job. Every time I called, it went to voicemail. I actually called multiple times a day and just never left a message because I knew if I didn't get them on the phone then, they'd probably call back when I was unable to answer the phone. I don't know if they knew how many times I really called (it was a lot) but after I finally got ahold of them to schedule and then reschedule an interview, I went for it and a couple weeks later got a job offer. Every time I did go ahead and leave a message, I thought they were blowing me off, but when the recruiter emailed me benefit information a few days after I left a message asking her about it, she even apologized in the email for taking so long to get back to me, so it's not always a blow off. Good luck!
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    Thanks Joanna73! I sent her an email today(I didn't want to last week since I had already left her two voice mails) and within a minute,(I kid you not!) she emailed me back stating:

    "I have received your voicemails and was going to call this afternoon to set up a time for a phone interview. Would you be available to speak tomorrow, October 23, 2012 at either 1pm or 2pm?"

    YES! FINALLY GOT A HOLD OF HER! I suppose she prefers email??? I mean I guess its less disruptive and since there's a time difference between us (Pacific Standard Time vs. Eastern Standard Time), I'm sure she didn't want to waste her time calling me again. You're right lockheart678, its not always a blow off!

    Thanks everyone for helping me! I probably would have lost this opportunity without you and your great input!!

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