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    Question. How many jobs have you been through in the past 3 years? Probably not enough to really state that you can pick or choose. You state that you don't throw off that attitude but it is blazingly apparent here.

    Pick and choose is a relative thing as I previously pointed out. I could quit my job today and get one the same or worst but pick and choose implies that I could get ANY job I want and at under 5 years experience thats really not true.

    But this is what this thread is pointing out that sometimes it's peoples attitudes (including mine sometimes) holding them back not the economy alone.

    Though apparently if you want to hire polite, respectful people that makes you toxic. Give me a toxic workplace any day then.
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    Quote from VICEDRN
    Also, you didn't "find out" I had "only a year or two above no experience at all." I clearly stated I have 2.5 years RN experience and you could have seen that off of my profile anyway
    I don't know if you've checked your profile since AN switched over but your profile doesn't state that so yes I did "find" out from a subsequent post.

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