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As a new nurse, have any of you applied to the jobs that state you need "such and such years experience" or do you just forgo them? Has anyone with no experience applied to these jobs and have... Read More

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    I put my work experience in a law office, just because I had a great reference there and the clients loved me. Turns out, the interviewers really liked that. Customer service, ya know?
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    Quote from Jammin' RN
    Thanks for the responses everyone! Looks like I willl definately be applying. For those of you who got the job, did you have prior medical experience? I've been in the hospitality industry for 12 years... And I really tried to play that up on how it could transfer to nursing on my resume.
    Your hospitality experience taught you some very valuable skills that will crossover to nursing.

    My years of waitressing taught me how to carry multiple items in one hand, I can carry a water cup, pill cup, insulin syringe, nitro patch and alcohol swab all in my left hand.

    And unless you're really good at multi-tasking, there's no way you'd have lasted 12 years in hospitality.

    Good luck withthe job search.
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    My mom always told me, when asking for something you need, the worst response you can get is no, or a laugh with a no.

    So shoot for it, if the worse you will get is a no. I live in Dallas and I have been doing it. I was told by HR here and in El Paso, why would I apply for anything other than a GN position, even though I have a RN license, it does not mean I am eligible to apply for any of those positions. I just politely thanked them for their advice.

    So I'm guessing here in Texas there's not as much luck doing that, but I still try. Its hard to get a GN position that "in just one day, 1200 people applied"

    A job will come!!!
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