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Ok, So I graduated 3 weeks ago. I took my Boards last week and passed yayyy! Today , I got a job offering as a RN where I precepted in my last semester. I am also a Nursing Assistant and I would like a Job where I work because... Read More

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    Good luck with your interview! But I have to say, if that does not pull through, TAKE THE OTHER JOB! Take it from me...I graduated in May 2012, then moved from Las Vegas to Miami, passed my boards here in August, and I still have not even been fortunate enough to have an interview. Thank your lucky stars that you have these opportunities at your feet! Listen, whichever job you decide on, let the other job know there is a nurse in Miami who will gladly take your place! LOL...I really wish you luck and congratulations!
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    Take the job!
    I wish I had such an amazing opportunity. Hope all goes well.
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    Well good news !!!! I got a job offer today at my facility . The unit I was assigned for is orthopedics ...I'm just scared cause I am so comfortable with medsurg . Well ill make a decision by Monday
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