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I am an international graduate. Graduated 4 years ago, just passed the NCLEX last month and can't find a job ( I sent numerous applications, resumes and I cant even get an interview). I am thinking of doing a walk in applications... Read More

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    Quote from melcah
    Hi there, i have the same situation like you,it's been 3 years since i graduated (international graduate) and just passed NCLEX last may 2011..I also apply to volunteer to some hospital..did you already get your first nursing job?..need help on this..thanks
    Hi, I got a job but not as a nurse. I just did it so I can have the money to get more training and certificate so when I apply as a nurse they would already consider hiring me! lol. And yes, I also applied as a volunteer in a hospital. Congrats on passing NCLEX! best of luck to you!

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    Uh, 4 years is not an old grad You're in a great place timewise!! From what I've read on several posts, it's just getting harder to find nursing jobs in some regions..... Best of luck
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    This is old post but just wondering if you find nursing job already.I'm international old graduate too and just passed nclex last August.No one wants to hire me,hoping theirs a chance for old graduate with no experience to find work here
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    Volunteering as a nurse can be very, very hard because of liability concerns. The Red Cross and free clinics might be willing to take you as a volunteer. If you are religious, you might be able to do a domestic mission trip. If your area has a Medical Readiness Corp, healthcare professionals who volunteer for disaster relief, look into that. The one in my area meets every other month, and has a yearly conference. If nothing else, it's an opportunity to network.

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