NY and NJ hospitals that are willing to accept new grads NY and NJ hospitals that are willing to accept new grads | allnurses

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NY and NJ hospitals that are willing to accept new grads

  1. 0 I graduated in May 2013 and got my license in July.

    Since then, I tried my best to find a hospital job. I only got 2 hospital
    interviews but both of them hired someone with more experience.

    I was hopeless and frustrated because all hospitals seemed to want experienced RNs
    but where can I get that experience from??

    So I decided to take any RN job first to gain some RN experience.
    I started my first RN job at a surgical center in NJ but this is a per-diem job. they call me
    about once a week and sometimes they would calll me the day before and say I don't
    need to come since there are not enough cases.

    I desperately want to work in a hospital. becoming a nurse was my dream and
    I can't wait to pursue my career.
    I did my preceptorship in NICU and I am very passionate about taking care
    of sick babies and children. but as a new grad, finding any hospital job was

    does anyone have an advice on what I should do
    anyone knows an unit at a hospital that hires new grad?? I got both NY and NJ RN licenses.

    I would appreciate every little comments
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    Apply throughout the state. You have your foot in the door in a per-diem job, so try outside the hospital as well as in. Stick to the "acute care" experience, and keep applying and applying everywhere.