Nurse Residency Program at Baltimore Washington Medical Center

  1. Hey nursing friends. Anybody know what the pay rate is for the Nurse Residency Program at Baltimore Washington Medical Center?? I have an interview there next week. Has anybody else been interviewed yet and if so how did it go? Also, does anybody work there or know anyone who works there and have any idea about nurse satisfaction? Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   hollarz
    have you guys thought about research? i know in my area there are like 1 billion new grads viaing for ANY traditional position (hospital, private practice, snf, etc.). then i found some research positions on indeed (no, i'm not from that company trying to sell you on it haha) that listed the requirements as needing a science degree. they were accepting basically any type of bachelor's; i.e. chemistry, biology, and NURSING PREFERED!! there was no experience needed. hey, it might be a bit non-traditional but if you are open-minded, i would say at least to check it out.
  4. by   Aojikutu
    Hey when did you put your application in? Also do you know when in October the program starts?
  5. by   Ellisjc0507
    Hey Aoj,

    I put in my application on August 31st and the program starts October 1st. I was also told that they're making final decisions this week. Have u heard from them? Do you know anyone who completed this program before? Thanks in advance. Have a great day

  6. by   Aojikutu
    I have not heard from them yet. However I just put my application in last week. I don't anyone that has did the program but I called them and asked when it would start and they said Oct 1st or 22nd they don't know yet. :/