New RN grad moving to Chicago

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    I am graduating from an Ohio nursing school in a month and will be moving to Chicago... as soon as I can find a job! I'm wondering if any Chicago nurses have suggestions of good hospitals to work for (I'm interested in ER or med/surg). Thanks!

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    good luck finding a job. I am graduating from my BSN program in may 2012 and am moving to missouri. Its really hard to get a job in the Chicago area for new grads!
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    Thanks! Are you moving from Chicago? It is also pretty tight for nursing jobs where I live, but I would much rather do the search there.
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    Best of luck to you!! I just graduated with my BSN from Ohio as well. Are you taking NCLEX here or in IL? Just curious My advice (not that I can give a lot since we're both new grads) is to just apply for any and all nursing jobs in the Chicago area. Don't be picky! Any experience is better than none! Good luck with everything!
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    Thanks, good luck to you too! I am planning on taking NCLEX in Illinois. There are so many hospitals in Chicago, and I just thought I would like to know which ones I should aim for

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