New Grad-Should I volunteer?

  1. I'm starting to look for my first job as a new grad RN and I must say i'm completely confused! I sent my application online for a couple of hospitals about 2 days ago..i'm not sure how long i'm suppose to wait to get a reply. If anyone can tell me how long i should wait i would greatly appreciate it. And I was even thinking about calling the hospitals to talk to the nurse recruiters and directly send my resumes to them. But now i'm thinking about volunteering at the hospitals i want to work at and hopefully get my foot in there some how. I guess i'm very strategic with my applications. So my question here is..would it be more beneficial if i volunteer at a hospital or should i just keep applying via online or mail?
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  3. by   joanna73
    It may take a month before you hear anything, sometimes longer depending on how their cycle of interviews and hiring works. Be patient and continue to apply for as many postings as you can. In this job market, 100 resumes may be sent before the actual offer comes. Not trying to discourage you, but that's the reality. I would also suggest tailoring your resume and cover letters to each position you're applying for. Generic doesn't work.
  4. by   LadyMystic
    Thank you for the reply Joanna! :] The trouble i'm having for applying to positions in hospitals is that they require you to have 1 year experience, which is something i don't have so i don't even bother to apply. And another thing is that if i look for job openings on hospitals website...most hospitals don't have job openings for a regular rn. The titles are mostly "RN clinical" or other advanced practice RNs. So i don't know what to do... :[
  5. by   joanna73
    Apply for anything you feel remotely qualified to do, or an area which you are interested to learn. Most positions will indicate one year experience required, but apply anyway. You never know. If they like your resume and cover letter, you might be called to interview.
  6. by   Anniehow
    LadyMystic, My first position after graduation was a position that advertised 1 year floor experiance required. Some hospital are firm on their requirements others are not. Put in your application everywhere, the worst that can happen is they throw away your application.
  7. by   ChervRN
    I have been applying for whatever. The worst they can say is no.
    on the Volunteering note.....I just talked to someone today who said to volunteer at the local free clinic. It will give you experience, something to do while we're waiting for a job, not to mention looks great on a resume!
  8. by   LadyMystic
    Thanks you guys!

    ChervRN-What would be better volunteering at the hospital I want to work in or at a local free clinic? To volunteer at a hospital they require you to commit 6 months-1 year which concerns me a bit because i would like to be able to get a job before 6 months. And i'm not sure what the requirements are like for a local clinic. So what would you suggest? :]