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Hi everyone, So its the usual story on here.. I can't find a job. Only about a handful of my graduating class have a job. I'm in Northern California where jobs are so scarce. My dream is to get a... Read More

  1. by   MrsNicuNurse
    As far as Texas hospitals, I went to nursing school in Dallas and everyone I graduated with found jobs there. Some suggestions would be Baylor University Hospital NICU, Dallas Childrens Medical Center (i was a cna here in school), Cook Children's in Ft Worth (largest nicu in the country), Presbyterian Nicu, Scott & White is a big teaching hospital north of Austin with a nicu and picu that lots of my peers got jobs at, i know a few girls that got jobs in Waco at Hillcrest Baptist Hospital and Providence...lets see..Parkland would be good, I did L&D there in school and that place is a baby factory! There's Dell Childrens in Austin but I think its pretty competitive. But every hospital I mentioned regularly hires new grads. And pay compared to cost of living in Texas is unbeatable. Good luck!
  2. by   lullaby
    i totally agree with you. my grandmother passed last winter and i would prefer to work in a facility similar to the one that treated her than the majority of hospitals out there, the staff was excellent and highly skilled. i just wish hospitals were more open minded about hiring those with LTC, LTAC and SNF experience.
  3. by   FilledWLove
    Not-done-yet, thank you so much for telling me about Medical City! I applied! Hopefully they will like me

    Meriwhen, yes, I wish I didn't spend the last couple of month ONLY looking for jobs because it ended up just wasting my time! I'm fixing that now though.. I will definitely keep in mind not to look so desperate and truly showcase what I have to offer. Even if they are planning to hire anybody or not, I am just gonna give them my all and do my best simply because I love being a nurse , regardless if I'm going to get hired, paid, etc.

    Dbassi, great point! I will get great practice for interviewing for new graduate positions! Goodluck on your job search! We can do this!

    WanderingSagehen, thank you so much for your comment. You bring up a great point. I admire your compassion. It's not that I am discriminatory towards taking a job in a SNF or LTC, but my resume targets more towards pediatrics. I sort of feel like they'll read my resume and laugh thinking I'm in the wrong place haha (of course they won't REALLY laugh though). I am truly debating staying in California and taking a SNF/LTC job or going out of state and taking a Peds/NICU job in a hospital. Believe me though, I love the elderly and they definitely hold a place in my heart. Lullaby also brought up a good point of landing a hospital job in the future after working at an LTC. In this economy as a new grad, I would just want to ideally keep all my options for the future open, in case anything were to happen. I know my family wants me to stay here in California, so your comment really has me thinking... Thank you!

    Mrs.NICUNurse, YAY! Thank you so much for your insight! I will definitely look into those hospitals! So exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!