Making a move to Arkansas

  1. I am currently in Washington and about to graduate with my BSN, I am making a move to Arkansas to be with my boyfriend who is in the Airforce.
    A couple questions:
    1. Do you have suggestions for networking?
    2. Do you know of good places to work (both hospital based and community based)?
    3. Do you know pay differentials by area?

    Thanks!! I need all the help I can get! Ugh
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  3. by   humanity
    Which part of the Arkansas? North, Central, South. UAMS is Level 1 trauma center, St. Vincent is Level 2, VA, Baptist Health who does team nursing. Pay differential may be few pennies difference for new grads. You did not mention which area would you like to work LTC, hospital, nursing home, hospice, clinics and so on. Arkansas is laid back community. Definitely don't have that many hospitals than Washington. Good Luck!
  4. by   Cort13
    Great thanks! Thats a good start actually. I will be moving to Little Rock and I honestly have no idea what setting I want to work in. I love the community setting but it seems like there are no jobs or money in it for that matter (not that that's the only reason I am going into nursing). I think eventually I want to become a nurse practitioner and I think I like the clinic setting, but I haven't really seen any RN positions out there in clinics.
    So I guess do you have any suggestions for a new grad unsure of what to start in?
    Thanks so much!
  5. by   humanity
    Little Rock has couple of big hospitals feel free to check their websites.

    UAMS--Level 1 Trauma Center
    St. Vincent-- Level 2

    I work i the hospital so, i don't know much about nursing homes, LTC, hospice. Most of the hospitals has some sort of residency programs and it's little competitive to get in. I am not saying you'll not get in but, they like to hire their own PCT's,CCA's or any other unlicensed personnel. Do you have any hospital experience as a unlicensed personnel?
  6. by   Cort13
    No, I don't. I have CNA experience in LTC but that really wasn't my thing. I also have alot of experience with community peds nursing which will help me for peds jobs, but not much else.