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Hello my fellow nurses, I am applying for jobs after having recently graduated/become licensed. I was told in school that it is always better to apply in person due to the benefit of having them... Read More

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    I recently graduated and I applied online for all positions. But, I also went to job fairs which is how I received an offer. I must say it is definitely difficult to pull a job applying online because there are hundreds if not thousands of applicants competing for such a small amount of positions. What I did was applied online and kept in touch with HR/nurse recruiters - I then got invited to a job fair, met some managers and received an offer. If possible, attend some job fairs/open houses to meet face to face with hiring managers. Also, be prepared for an on-the-spot interview, dress professional, and have a resume (some people like to make portfolios - I only brought a resume). Good Luck!

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    I just call ahead first. Most of the places i've called said they prefer online applications, and a hand full even said they won't accept an in- person resume.
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    Didn't get a chance to read all comments, but I am applying to facility that says to either send the resume to X address, apply online, or fax. I would want to fax it. What do you all think?

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