Interview Questions: How to answer scenario questions?

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    I just recently graduated with a bachelor of science degree in nursing and in the pursuance of jobs was becoming frustrated with the lack of responses to my applications. However, after improving my resume and calling to follow up on my applications I finally have an interview and I don't want to mess it up. I'm concerned about what sort of scenario questions I need to worry about. For example, if I were to be given a scenario of a patient who is crying on a med surg unit because he is dying and asked "if you have other patients what do you do?" How would I respond to that in an appropriate way. My immediate inclination is to say that I would try to further evaluate how he is feeling and offer up the chance to talk to a hospital chaplain or maybe even offer to contact his family while trying to make him as comfortable as I could. I would try to respect his privacy if that is something that he would seem to prefer as well. While doing this, I would try to keep in mind the needs of my other patients and prioritize their care based on how acute they were. If need be I would go to check on my other patients and address any acute issues before further pursuing comfort for this man.

    This is my first thought. But in an interview situation would this be an appropriate answer?
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  3. by   LindseyRN86
    Yes, sounds like you covered all of your bases. Making sure to address the situation with the crying patient as well as attending to the needs of your other patients. Good luck!!