I sent thank you note after interview. Should I send another one after job offer?

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    After my interview, I sent a thank you note right away thanking them for their time and reinstating my desire to work in their hospital. 2 days later, they offered me a position. I accepted it. I have not signed anything yet, but I am now scheduled for health assessment. Should I send another thank you note? Thank you.

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    I think your first thank you note was enough. Thank them again in person when you start training

    If you are REALLY itching to send another thank-you, I highly doubt they will rescind your offer due to over-enthusiasm
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    Thank you for your comment. I am not itching to send another one. I just wanted to know if its proper to send another one or not as a way of showing good gesture. I guess the last one was enough. Thank you.
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    The reason why I mentioned that I haven't signed anything yet is because I wanted to know if its improper to send a thank you note (if theres a need to send another one) before signing anything. It's not because im afraid they might change their minds.
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    It's definitely proper to send one after the interview, just like you did (might have helped you stand out and get the job! congrats!). It isn't necessary, in terms of etiquette, to send one after the offer, unless you feel like there is someone in particular that really affected the hiring manager's decision (in that case it's just a nice gesture to send one to that particular person) Hope that helps!!
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    IMO, I think sending a second note is a little bit of overkill unless--as RxOnly mentioned--there was someone who particularly made your hiring happen.

    Congrats on the new job!

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