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  1. Hi guys,

    I guess I am looking for some guidance here. There is a job posting up as an ICU tech at a hospital. I applied the day after the job was posted. It was been a week and a day now, and I haven't gotten a call (I was one of the first to apply). A fellow student that works there tells me that interviews have happened this week and even one girl was offered a job. My clinical instructor said he would call HR and let the nurse recruiter know that I applied and that I wanted ICU (there are other units to choose from). He said if I can get in touch with her, I should...

    My questions is: If I call the recruiter today (I happened to get her direct number ), what should I say??

    I was thinking along the lines of, "Hi my name is ____, I was given your name by _____, and I applied for the ICU position" But what else should I say?? I emailed the instructor to see if he can call for me (he knows her personally), but he has yet to respond.

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  3. by   lovenandj, RN
    Just say you would like to follow up and learn the status of your application, and if given a chance (because some recruiters can be very brusque, to say the least) mention how passionate/enthusiastic etc. you are about the ICU.
  4. by   sj73201
    thank you. for some reason i think they are done interviewing, everyone's posting on facebook that they either got the job, or got an interview....oh well
  5. by   lovenandj, RN
    That may be true, but they may have more positions. Can't hurt to try. At the very least, it gets the recruiter to hear your name, and maybe you will come to the top of the pile for the next opportunity.
  6. by   sj73201
    thanks so much
  7. by   DixieRedHead
    If you don't ask, the answer is always NO.