Help -- Should I call again?

  1. Long story short:

    Interview on August 8th (went well, asked back to shadow)

    Shadowed on August 10th

    Emailed hiring mgr interest in the position August 12th

    Received reply from hiring mgr saying he would forward my response to HR August 14th

    Heard from a reliable source that the position would be offered to me on August 17th

    Emailed HR recruiter to inquire as to whether or not I was still being considered on August 21st

    HR Recruiter emailed back same day (August 21st) that upon SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF BACKGROUND I would hear from them.

    Okay, so it is a week later and I haven't heard anything. If I call/email will that be a bit much? I am very interested in this position, but am not a fan of the lack of urgency, lol.

    So, should I call and ask status of background or just be patient?? THANKS!
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  3. by   Kalypso2k
    I am by no means an expert (licensed in June...still looking) but I have heard from a few classmates (in FL) that their background checks took over a week. They did paperwork on a Tues and didn't hear back till the following Fri. (10days)
    I say give it another day then make contact inquiring on the status of the background check and if there is any further information they require as you are very interested in the position.
    Just my 2 cents.
  4. by   fashionistaRN
    Nothing wrong with calling/e-mailing on the status of your interview/job offer. I would do it
  5. by   cheska_rn
    Thanks, both, for your replies and suggestions. I really want to call, but don't want to seem like I am being impatient, or a nag.

    I'm still undecided. Was hoping/praying to hear something today. It has been 8 days since I heard "upon successful completion of background we will be in contact".
  6. by   cheska_rn
    Well, if anyone cares, they called today and offered the position!

  7. by   born2circulateRN
  8. by   fashionistaRN
    Patience is a virtue for a reason. Congrats!!!
  9. by   cheska_rn