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I am a new nurse in Philadelphia, PA. I graduated in May 2011 with a BSN and then successfully passed my state boards. As of now I have been unsuccessful in landing a job. So far I have had only 2 interviews. When asked why I was... Read More

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    Search for LTC units in all three counties(Phila,Montco& Bucks.) Fill out as many application forms as you can. Genesis nursing facilities usually welcomes new grads. try St Joseph's Manor(part of Holy Redeemer) hospital, they were recently hungry for nurses. Try ACTS facilities (Southampton Estates, Fort Washington Esates & Brittany Pointe) and approach PSA Healthcare (a pediatric home care agency.) Fact is there are countless facilities in the Phila &surrounding areas, problem is sometimes BSN grads shoot straight for hospitals,which for the most part, will not give new grads a chance straight ouuta school. Get experience somewhere, then perhaps aply into hospitals. Heard St Christopher's in North Philly was hiring. Goodluck! *and tell us when u start making those dollars*

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    That's difficult to hear, especially with all the schooling and hard work you've put into it. Have you considered (if you didn't go to Tacoma) nursing abroad? I know there are many options on crusies (yes, cruises), organizations, maybe even relief work. This is a great way to both see the world and gain experience so that when you come back you're all set for a job. Good luck!

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