Graduating August 2013 any advice?

  1. I live in Phoenix and I'm getting my BSN soon. The job market is rough over here but I'm open to going just about anywhere tolerable to find a job. Any suggestions? States that will actually hire new grads? Thank you! I would like to start in the ER or ICU

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  3. by   gigglestarsRN
    I graduated May of 2012 with an ADN and live in Tucson. I was hired into the ER of the new grad program at UAMC. I also have 3 friends from my class who were hired into ER at St Joe's and Northwest and one in Peds ER at TMC. A few other classmates got into ICU as new grads at Northwest Good luck!
  4. by   Meriwhen
    You're wise to start thinking about this now.

    I'll get this out of the way first: don't limit yourself to ICU or ER only, as you may be disappointed. Some ICUs and ERs accept new grads; most prefer experience first. Plus there's a lot of nurses who will be graduating with you who want to work ER/ICU, so the competition will be fierce. By all means, definitely pursue whatever chances you get to land in either area! But be prepared to accept that you may have to start your nursing career in another specialty such as med-surg, and then transfer over to ER/ICU after some experience.

    Sorry to start off on the down note, but it's better you understand that upfront and start planning, than live in ignorance and sob, "Why can't I get a ER job?" next year.

    Second, if you can, get a job in the ER/ICU as a CNA or tech. It'll give you experience in the speciality, gives you a chance to network, and will make you an internal candidate for when a nursing job opens up (it's no guarantee, but it improves your odds).

    Third, try to land your preceptorship/practicum in the ER/ICU. Again, it's experience and exposure.

    Last, it's hard to say what states will be hiring new grads next August. Right now, ND and western NY seem to be the hot spots, but that could change. Generally, it does look like you'll have a better chance in smaller/more rural areas, than if you went to a major city or anywhere in California to try to land a job.

    Best of luck.