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As some of you may have read, I posted a few weeks ago that I was having trouble finding a job, it was a year of searching and I hadn't received any interest. Lady luck must have been on the internet that day and read my post,... Read More

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    Sooo, 240zRN, have you made a decision?! Also, did they each give you a whole week to accept/reject the job offers or did you ask for some time to think it over?

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    Tough choice. I would go with the area that interests you the most, and it seems like that's the ED or Corrections.

    As others have said, this is your first job and not necessarily your last. If you pick one and decide you don't like it, when your term is up you will have a year or two of experience and will be in a better position to pick the next job.

    Whatever you decided, good luck!
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    I havn't made a decision yet. I have till June 1st to make my intentions known. I am leaning towards the correctional facility right now because of the exciting experience and the attractive compensation package, but I wrestle with it everyday. I try as hard as I can to get opinions from a variety of peers and nurses. As much as I enjoy the science and art behind emergency nursing, I feel I would be satisfied with the amount of emergency exposure I might see during my time in corrections; I will also try and moonlight as either a part time or a per diem at another facility in the acute care setting. I am eyeballing a few rural ED's near the area where the Prison is located and I hope the employers would appreciate experience in corrections. I have been gathering as many certifications as I can related to the issue, TNCC, ENPC, NRP, etc., in order to hopefully do a little bit of both. I am still waiting on a formal offer from #2, however. We shall see what happens. I will update this thread once I have made my decision.
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    Just to throw this out there, you said you like to teach your patients. Med/Surg. would give you the best opportunity to do that, get you experience, and allow you to broaden your horizons later. Just a thought, but I would look at option 1 or 2. Option 3 would be ok if you want to go Corrections, but if you wanted back into acute care, would it be as accepted everywhere? Also, would the patients be as open to teaching, that you said you like to do? Just being the devil's advocate....

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