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Sorry to be so negative, but I've gone on 5 interviews and I still can't secure my first nursing job. I got laid off from my job as a CNA a couple of weeks ago, I'm only getting unemployment for now. I still live at home with my... Read More

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    Just keep trying! Remember that a person chooses whether or not they will like you from the minute they see you. First impressions are important! Also be GENUINE!!! A lot of job seekers are so busy writing out thank you cards and cover letters instead of being real. Work on being likable, which means you need to be vulnerable and honest. When I was hired at the hospital in my city I told the manager that I was kicked out of nursing school due to being sick... that I struggled with the idea of going back to a school that had made me withdrawal for missing TWO DAYS. Then I told her that I humbled myself and went back, because nothing was going to stop me from doing what I was meant to do. This made me vulnerable. She knew a secret, she knew something that could work against me.(No one wants to admit they got kicked out of nursing school!) Many people forget about this very important part of human interaction, to make a real connection with someone... you have to make yourself vulnerable.

    So keep at it! Make sure you are not in a robotic rut of jumping through hoops, but that you are letting employers really get to know you, the real, honest, & raw you! : )
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    Forgive me if this doesn't apply, but from the sound of your post, you live a single life (live at home with parents, unmarried, no kids)? If that is the case, then you have a better chance of landing that first job than the people that do. I know there is job shortage in many areas, but you have the ability to apply and move ANYWHERE there is a job opening. Apply to any and all internships and residencies across the nation, including Alaska. It may not be what you want to do, but it may become something you have to do to remain positive and land that first job. Good Luck!
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    Thanks everyone... and you guys are right, I am on a "pity party" and I know I need to stop because it's just gonna become a vicious cycle. There are plenty of people experiencing much worse in their lives than I am. So thank you for the "tough" answers because I need to hear that -- didn't realize how whiny I sounded lol. It's true that if you see yourself as the victim, you give up the control you have over changing the situation. Yeah this situation stinks and it's partly due to the economy too, but I just need to make the choice to work on my confidence, self esteem/insecurities (things within my control). Even if I have to fake it for now, just for the interviews...

    Anyone have any tips for that? I don't want to project that kind of image...
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