Does BIDMC hire their PCA's for RN positions

  1. Hi I am a nursing student pursuing my ADN (associates in nursing) at BHCC. I have a Bachelor's in Science degree in Biology. I have a friend in my nursing program that got me an interview with his hiring manger, which I attended today. It is at BIDMC in a med-surg unit. I asked a lot of question and listened to a lot about how the hospital works. But i looks promising that I might get it.

    My concern is job security. The hiring manager told me it was a possibility that I could be hired after graduation, seeing I have a Bachelor's Degree and will have an ADN. I have to be honest though I am getting cold feet. He said 2013 has been flooded with applications for the Clinical I positions. But he did also say that BIDMC hires from within and my experience would qualify me. So I am trying to trust the silver lining in that part of our conversation. Does anyone have experience in FARR 1-9 at BIDMC that can offer support about obtaining a job after graduation?

    My alternative which I don't really want to take is applying to Spaulding Rehab in Cambridge hire their PCA's ( I think they call them techs) with 2 year degrees consistently without worry.

    I really want the job, I have 7 years experience as a PCA and I don't necessarily want another rung on my resume but BIDMC is a good hospital. Can anyone offer any advice on whether it is a prudent decision to accept the position working in med-surg.

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