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Hey guys, Well I just found out that I didn't get a job that I had 3 interviews for. I can't help but to just sit here and cry because I really thought that I got it! This is beyond... Read More

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    Omigosh, I've had several interviews recently and thought I had each job!! The recruiters seem so positive and the head RNs seem interested, but I think the peer interviews can make you or break you. I didn't get ANY of the positions and I have 30 years of experience. It's hard to find a job in nursing! I never thought I would see the day when that would happen!

    If you're having a hard time finding a permanent position, maybe you could offer to do an internship or even volunteer as a means of getting hospital experience.

    And try not to focus too much on your student loans! You have the rest of your life to pay them off. In some cases, you can take up to 30 years to pay them back.

    Don't give up on yourself!! There IS a job in nursing out there for you. It just hasn't found you yet!
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    I know how frustrating it is!But hey, cheer up!there will always something better is store for you for sure=)
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    The key thing here is to never give up, there will be disappoints but then it will be all worth it when you land at a job that is meant for you. By all means, cry and vent, then after that pull yourself together and continue applying. That is how life works and quitting and giving up is not an option you should take.
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    Don't give up and relocate if you have to.Akeem.
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    I feel you! Don't be discouraged or upset. Think of the interviews as a learning experience! I had 3 interviews within the same facility for a dialysis center, and all my friends were like "you got this, 3 interviews, you definitely got the job." Lol, so I was pretty confident. I didn't get the job because I tried to negotiate my salary. I was actually peer pressured into it! It's all good.

    Keep looking and don't give up! A job will come to you.
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    Quote from yourstrulyjmc
    Hey guys,

    Well I just found out that I didn't get a job that I had 3 interviews for. I can't help but to just sit here and cry because I really thought that I got it! This is beyond disappointing... If I would've known it was gonna be this hard to get a job in nursing, I may have reconsidered my major 4 years ago. I still have to pay off $30,000+ in loans like pretty much all the rest of us new grads. I'm not even a new, new grad. I'm an old, May 2012 "new" grad. This definitely took a stab to my self esteem, I'm not gonna lie.

    Tomorrow I'm interviewing for a part time Tele position at the hospital I work at now as a CNA. A friend of mine, another CNA, interviewed already for that job last week, whose dad works as a nursing supervisor there. I feel like she'll get it, but you never know. I'll be happy for her, but I'll be a lot happier if I get it. I just feel so discouraged.
    Hey I know how u feel. I graduated last June and it seemed like I was finding nothing, even my dad who is an RN got me a couple interviews with the company he works for but I had no takers. What I had to do was I went and got a less than ideal job. I got hired at a home healthcare company. Depending on the company you may not get much experience but it gives you something to put on your résumé. And it turns out that even a tiny bit of experience goes a long way. What you gotta do is never give up. And keep reapplying cuz it shows them that u really want it. I hoped that helped
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    Aww sorry to hear that. I know how frustrating that can be. I've had interviews with managers who personally knew some of my relatives and I STILL couldn't find a job when I was a new grad. At one point I had so many interviews in a short amount of time, I wasn't nervous about them anymore LOL. So like everyone said, keep applying....relocate if necessary (I moved cross country for my 2nd RN job and love it!)...and know that some things are not meant to be. The right one will come along. Good luck!!!!
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    Sadly... this brought me some comfort. I found out tonight that I did not get a position that I had interviewed for last week. What makes me upset the most is that the nursing recruiter called me after the interview asking if I even wanted to interview for another position I had applied for. She said that she had spoken w/ the nursing manager and she talked like she would give me a job offer.... so did I really want to interview for another position?

    I did interview for the other position. However, I feel like the interview for the 2nd position went worse! Also, she called me today to schedule another interview for another position but this time she wasn't as upbeat as the previous times. She had me thinking that I had the 1st position I interviewed for.

    It sucks! Especially when you know you're the best for that position! Yeah, I've tried to look at these interviews as "experience" but honestly, it's difficult. I also have debt from student loans (& my husbands hrs are about to be cut)... it's difficult not to cry.
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    Keeping my fingers crossed for you. It's ok to cry!! We've all done it at some point. It's a frustrating process to go through, but hang in there. You have us here for support!
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    Thanks for the support everyone... I come on here when I need some encouragement. I had another interview yesterday for a different hospital. I'm not really sure how it went, sort of okay I guess... but an okay interview usually doesn't get a call back... Trying to stay positive though!

    I remember a recruiter once told me that I come off as very sweet and like a pushover. Seems like I'm doomed to land a nursing job because I'm nice??? I can definitely assert myself though and I'm a very strong person... if only someone would just give me a chance... Don't patients like sweet nurses anyway? Lol

    After 5 unsuccessful nursing interviewers, I'm starting to think that the common denominator is me. I try to "fake it till I make it", but that just feels awkward and forced. The thing is, I don't want to have to change my whole personality to get a job or for any reason really. This truly stinks.

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