Cleveland New ADN RN Job Search Questions

  1. I've read through all of the forums about CCF, UH, and Metro hiring new grads. First things first-I'm right now a NA at a UH Community hospital. When I spoke with the recruiter in November of 2011 (a month before I graduated), she offered me interviews in the NICU, an adult step down unit and an infectious disease unit, all at the main campus of UH. Unfortunately, I didn't get any of those jobs. After shadowing in the step down, they called immediately the next morning, which makes me feel tricked. I don't see how a nurse manager makes her decision over night, and I went above and beyond during my shadowing. Anyways, I pretty much misunderstood the recruiter and had my 3 interviews as an "internal new grad", and none of them were even at the hospital I work at now. Does anyone have any suggestions? The recruiter is being extremely helpful and getting in touch with the person who recruits for the community hospital I'm at to determine if any jobs will be available. Is it recommended to reach out to this recruiter myself and keep in contact with her? I can keep my current position for 2 months after I get licensed. I take my NCLEX next week, so I'm hoping once I have my actual license I will have better luck. I know of 3 people who they are holding jobs for at my hospital pending their licensure. I just feel dumb because I misunderstood what she meant by the 3 internal interviews. I thought it was only for the main campus.

    Also, I've applied at the Cleveland Clinic online for their "New Grad" posting. I applied before I had my test date and it rejected my application. I spoke to my friend who works at a CCF hospital and she said the recruiter there told her they reject any application that doesn't have a license number. Problem is, I can't reapply to the position. Should I call HR at the CCF and tell them, or wait until after I pass my NCLEX?? It just stinks because I am already getting frustrated with this job search and I haven't even gotten licensed yet. I've applied at Metro and Lake Health (which is in a suburb of Cleveland) with no word from either of them. I know the job markets rough, and I have an interview at a LTC facility, but I feel that since I'm at a hospital now, I want to stay there.

    I have my ADN and am starting classes in March for my BSN, so I added that to my resume. I'd just like someone to shed some light on my situation, please. I know this is long but I really appreciate it!
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