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  1. Hi everyone,

    This is my first time posting on the site! I am hoping to get into the Rutgers ABSN nursing program this May.

    I've been reading a lot around here about the tough job market out there. I wanted to ask everyone what are alternative paths than just pounding the pavement for jobs that would be helpful for experience so we don't rot just waiting for things to get better. Not to be a downer, but it seems like it seems smart to be skeptical about one's chance of getting a job straight out and work from there.

    ***Is peace corps a good idea? (obviously this assumes that you don't have a ton of debt. But is it better than LTC?) Would it be a black mark or would it be a proactive move by someone in a bad employment environment.

    ***I was also thinking about the Navy Nurse Candidate Program. Don't know how hard it is to get in, but to me, at least, it was a out-of-the-box solution. I would also consider the Army, but I really don't want to be put on the ground.

    Any other thoughts about out-of-the box ideas about using the nursing degree?
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  3. by   PurplejadeRN
    Hi Tricky,

    I would recommend becoming a pct or aide in a hospital while you are in school. You can get a per diem job that only requires you to work 2 weekends a month. I also graduated from Rutgers ABSN. I know that the faculty advises you not to work while in the program, but once we began our clinicals, every new nurse we met told us that they got a job after graduating because they were already working in that hospital and they encouraged us to become aides/techs. I worked while in school and had an offer from my hospital before I even graduated. The first summer is the busiest, so I would advise you to begin working in the fall. If you wait until the spring it can be harder to secure a job because employers will know you are graduating soon and will be more reluctant to hire you (this was my experience) That's just my 2 cents.
  4. by   paRN12
    I agree with purplejadern. I would definitely recommend working in a hospital you might be interested in applying to after graduation. A lot of my friends were pcts and got offered RN positions before they even graduated and then started work immediately with their temporary practice permit before they took the NCLEX. I never worked as a pct or aide and I moved after graduation so it took me a lot longer than everyone else that I graduated with to find a job.