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  1. After this coming semester I will have my medsurg clinical completed. In the hospital system I currently work for, this means I can apply to become a nurse tech which from my understanding is the same as what other systems call a nurse extern. Right now, I am a PCT that floats to the different hospitals within a particular health system. As of today, emergency is where I have my eyes set on obtaining a nurse tech position.

    My questions is this: Has anyone had any luck obtaining a position they desire by e-mailing their resume/cover letter directly to the nurse manager of that floor? And if any nurse managers are reading this...would you give an extra thought to someone who directly contacts you through e-mail?

    I know a nurse who works in the department I want to work in and when the time comes I am going to ask her for the contact information of her nurse manager. Unfortunately for whatever reason, this particular emergency department is not one I have floated to ever, so I have not have the opportunity to network there. I am hoping that my e-mail combined with my experience is enough to get my foot in the door.

    Thank you :heartbeat
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    Never mind...just performed a search and found plenty of answers...should have done that to begin with :spin: