would you teach in a place where you had personal difference

  1. i am so happy to be teaching new RN's soon. Unfortunately i would be taking my students to a clinical site where i use to work myself and had to leave because of some persona diff with manager . that manager is no longer manager but she is still employee there. except for this person i have no problem with anything, i know every equipment and floor routines about this site. my employer is understanding and said they'll give me another unit in same site so i dont have to go with my students to unit where i use to work. i am confident of my capabilities but am worried if personal differences will hinder my professional work environment.
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  3. by   orthonurse55
    If you have to go back to this facility, you will have to show some true professionalism! It will not be easy at all, but your students will learn a lot from your actions. We teach our students that we have to work with all kinds of people and cannot like everyone on the team, right? I wouldn't actually tell them of your problems with her but I am sure they will pick up on it while you are there - they always do! Just be the professional that your school hired and show those students how to work in any situation - it will be a great life lesson for them! Good luck!