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Does anyone have any research about the effects of white uniforms vs. colored/printed ones? My administrator wants nurses to go back to white. We want the other because of style, fun, and "this is 2002 !" Thanks :o... Read More

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    I think good taste has limits. Maybe they sold him his scrubs at Hot Topic! (My kids do like that store and some things from there are quite cute) I think maybe all orange might get to me almost as much as all black. I might wake up and think I was in prison or on a road crew. Yikes! It goes without saying, whatever the uniform cleanliness should always be #1.

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    Quote from future~pedis~RN
    sorry but i think whites are the most professional attire for nurses. People respect that look more and it is comforting to allot of our elderly patients. And as for the "vomit, blood, and leaky babies" ........... What? If u cant see it, its not there?? YUCK!! I feel that not all....but some people forget being a nurse is not just a job....its a profession!!!! Take pride in the nurses who came before you....these brave women fought a male driven society to gain respect, trust and honor to a once "undesirable" profession.
    Just one persons opinon....I do respect u all in whatever color u choice to wear
    I have a few opinions on this subject, some possibly contradictory.

    (1) I like nurses to be distinguishable from other hospital workers (doctors, techs, etc.)
    (2) As a student, I'm very interested in what various workers do. I spend a lot of time reading name tags to determine who does what.(I have to try to read name tags because I can't determine by the uniforms who is who.)
    (3) I wouldn't turn down a job because of the uniform requirement, but when I graduate, I hope I work in a facility that allows nurses to wear the colors of their choice. My best colors are purple and blue. So anyone who wants to know if I'm a nurse will just have to read my name tag or ask me. Or assume that I'm a nurse because I'm taking care of them.
    (4) Just for the sake of nostalgia and my stereotypical concept of a nurse, I would like to have a few white uniforms, (including skirt/top and dress)

    But aren't white uniforms rather impractical for people who work with people, their fluids and excretions, etc.? In the old days, how DID the nurses stay clean, pressed, and starched?
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    I never said wearing white makes a better nurse.
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    Quote from Drysolong
    In the old days, how DID the nurses stay clean, pressed, and starched?
    Maybe I'm just a neatfreak, but I manage to keep my uniform clean each day. I'm probably just really good at dodging the crappy stuff
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    take this survey about white vs color uniforms!

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    A few years ago, nursing staff went to set colors at my hospital. This decision was made by the nurse council after it was identified as a complaint by many patients on satisfaction surveys because they couldn't tell who they were seeing in their rooms and in the hallways. Now nurses wear either all white or white tops and navy blue bottoms, techs wear blue tops and bottoms, respiratory staff wear green tops and bottoms, etc. Since then, several positive comments have been made by patients and visitors, as they can now quickly identify who people are by their outfits. I think this is a great idea myself, as I've been to facilities where you have no idea who anyone is.
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    Throwing in my opinion here....I have been in nursing 27 years. I was a baby when I started Back then we wore white. I wore white polyester and white cotton. white nylons and white shoes. I was nursing when we were allowed to wear colored "smock" tops. Then I worked as a Charge Nurse in a SNF. Can you believe I was expected to wear street dresses, nylons and pumps with a white lab coat. I was doing Chest PT, suctioning and managing vent patients, trach care as well as tube feedings, O2 dependent pts, Diabetic Management to name just a few skills all in my "Sunday Best" .....then Scrubs came about....(in LTC anyway) and we ran to stock up....soon the men were looking down the fronts of our shirts as we bent over to do wound care etc...we were getting many lewd sexual comments....we begun pinning our tops closed and we rebeled....we don't want to wear white...you can see through it...it stains....it's colorless...patients are scared of us...and on and on we went to win the Scrubs war.....today I walk down the halls of the facility I work at....I am met by women wearing Baby Mickey Mouse and Precious Moments Scrubs...and neon Crocs that look like Duck feet....these same women have nose rings, tongue rings, black dyed hair and tatoos.....what do our elderly think......this is not the era they came from....personally, I think I would be scared to have someone come at me like that to give me a bed bath. I think we have more behaviors....We had a period where the young CNA's were wearing belly tops and exercise pants. Finally the DON said....If I see one more person come to work like this we are going to all white.
    Personally, I hope to see that day again. I do work with some nurses that always wear white....and this is my observation after 27 years.
    1.) The Nurses wearing all white give a very professional personna.
    2.) I am never in doubt who the Nurse is.
    3.) I observe them to be the recipient of greater respect and treatment.

    I could go on but I can see I am in the minority so may not be a good thing
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    I work in an ER and our hospital went to all white for nurses. EVERYONE hates it! Have you ever tried to get charcoal or betadine out of White? It isn't going to happen! We have to buy and wash our own uniforms. Administration thinks it makes us more recognizable but I have been mistaken for a cafeteria worker multiple times and patients think anyone that wears a uniform (no matter what color) is a nurse. So what is the point! In addition, everyone can see through the pants and that means there is no hiding your peri pad! I graduated in the 80's when there were only white, green, and blue uniforms. Why can't we choose what color we wear? It would be one small thing that could improve moral and not cost the hospital anything!
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    I have two words to say about white uniforms: PIT STAINS (among other stains mentioned before)

    I'll be glad to wear white when the hospital provides my clothing and launders it for me every day (like they do in the O.R.).

    My hospital just went to color-coded scrubs or uniforms, and I hate to admit, but it looks great. The RNs wear navy blue, the techs wear grey, housekeeping wears the same uniform they've always worn, radiology is brown, and the ER is black. I think. Something like that, but you get the point. And as a patient, I would like being able to tell the staff apart - even if a nurse introduces herself to me as my nurse, I will forget at some point.

    Our new CNO still hates it, she wants all the nurses to wear white. But she didn't get her way, she had to compromise.
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    The hospital I work at, you can wear whatever color you want. I personally don't like the cartoon prints but that just me.
    I do like the idea of color coding. Or name tags with your title in large print. All of our doctors wear white coats so we are discouraged from wearing white. I don't have a problem with piercings as long as it's tasteful.
    If you came at me at a white uniform, I would wonder what psych hospital I was in. White uniforms scare patients.

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