Teaching about 1 year now

  1. So I would like to follow up on my experience teaching. I was a new clinical instructor about a year ago and was not sure about. I wanted to give it a try for at least a year before I made up my mind. So here goes the things I love and hate about being a clinical instructor:
    The freedom I have, I can literally teach them any way I want as long as I meet the objective.
    I really don't have to answer to anyone outside my clinical coordinator and the DON or ADON, but so far these people stand behind the teacher. No real objections there.
    I am a mother of 2 young children and the fact that I can cancel my rotation or leave early, with approval is not a big deal. I have had 2 occasions that my daughter got sick and had to leave clinical early. My bosses were understanding and told me to give the students an assignment. I could never do that on the floor or as an NP in the clinic.
    Some of the students really appreciate your knowledge.
    Love the "ah ha" moments the students have.
    Being an NP let's me teach the students different assessment techniques that may be helpful
    Little to no stress, I never, this year have come home tired, stressed or fatigued like the floor.
    What I hate:
    8 hour shifts
    The nursing staff usually doesn't seem to respect the instructor, seems there is a little resentment there. Hidden, nothing overt. I have not personally received any, but some staff have had a talk with me about other instructors.
    I can't take a vacation without taking pto hours, unlike the floor, I have a set schedule.

    This is all I can think of, but it's pretty much my take on this first year teaching. Thanks for listening.
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    Thanks! I found that really helpful! Happy for you too!