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Should complete their education modules during patient care time?

  1. 0 I work at two different hospitals and due to budget constraints, they are both requiring that more and more education via computer based modules be completed while the RN is working providing direct patient care. It is obvious that the RNs just want to skip though the modules and just get it done without really learning anything (going as far as to share their answers). It is really a discouraging to know that the regulatory bodies who want to see that education is being providing creating only more and more checklists of things to be done and that there are less financial resources to give the staff time for skills or to learn. Any comments or suggestions on what to do about this?
  2. Poll: Should RNs complete computer trainings during the time they are assigned patients?

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    Too distracting from work and does not allow focus on education topic.
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    We (cno with backing from education) have mandated nurse managers to assign an education day to every nurse during the time modules are assigned to them. All modules can be done in 1 full day and managers have control when to send their employees.

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