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I am finishing up my BSN program, however, I have a desire to pursue my MSN and Ph.D. in nursing (i think anyways.. time will tell). Anyways, I was always under the impression that the pay scales in academics (especially starting... Read More

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    $100k being a lot of money depends on the cost of living in the community.

    IMHO it isn't diddly when compared with the education required. My husband makes more than that working in telecom without a degree in a medium cost of living area.

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    Quote from Mission
    A lot of factors go into salary: private vs state, research vs non-research school, COL where the school is located, school size, etc. I am in the last year of my PhD and based on the experiences of friends of mine who graduated ahead of me mid-80s to mid-90s seems to be the standard range for a junior tenure track faculty position at research universities. I would expect in a non-research role one would get paid a lot less.
    The salary seems great, but is this for a 9 month or 12 month contract?
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    Quote from JBudd
    As Tooter said, at our community college, all instructors get the same pay, no matter what credentials you hold. An MSN is required for the nursing program (classroom).

    I would take about a 40% pay cut to go full time faculty from my parttime hospital job. People at church just shake their heads when they hear I make more using my BSN than my MSN.
    In community colleges this is the reality... GN will probably earn more than their faculty. majority of faculty will take about a 30-40% pay cut moving from bed-side to student-side. There are other perks however... time off, potential for overtime during the summer +++
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    Quote from DNP2b
    The salary seems great, but is this for a 9 month or 12 month contract?
    Mostly 12 month with no teaching for the first 3 years. IMHO, doesn't make sense to accept a 9 month contract if you are doing research.
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    Different schools have different types of contracts which make it difficult for direct comparisons. At my University, most faculty have 9-month contracts. Teaching in the summer is optional, and you are paid extra for that.
    Many research faculty use the summer months to focus exclusively on their research projects.

    At another University an hour from here, most faculty have 11 month contracts. Summer teaching is expected and assigned, and faculty get most of the month of August off.

    But as mentioned above, one of the best perks of teaching cannot have a price tag attached. No nights, no weekends, holidays off, a month off at Christmas, no pager, etc.
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    Glad I found this thread! Would like to get info on disseration topics in nursing that have the most grant potential (or how do
    I research this info, interested in holistic subjects, admin and nursing management subjects), also any updates on salary. At
    a school that I am interested in applying to, the salaries are all over the place (also would like the most up to date source for
    PhD salaries). Lastly, do PhD's still do bed side nursing to keep skills up or for more money? just curious.

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