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I am new to clinical instructing and am looking for advice on post conferences. I am not teaching in the classroom but do have the syllabus and thought I would try to do a topic related to what they are being taught in class for... Read More

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    I do advanced med surg clinical so they are getting ready to graduate. I give them 4 NCLEX questions at the beginning of post conference in different topics. That wakes them up and they get quick nclex test taking strategy reviews. Check w/your hospital- I get my students to AirMed to talk to a flight RN and see the chopper. Someone from pastoral care can talk about meeting spiritual needs. Find someone from the ethics committee. They love that stuff and it puts it in concrete instead of just reading it or getting lectured on it. They present cases but I have had them teach too-someday they will need to give an in service wherever they work. Why not start now? Too much of nursing school is stressful. To me, clinical is where we get our hands dirty and really learn.

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    I usually gear my post clinicals towards a particular subject, for example last week in lecture they learned skin assessments, so I pulled the unit protocol and charting on skin assessments and had each student pick a patient to do one on during the shift, in post clinicals each student presented their assessment. I also have them do care mapping on particular disease processes related to the patients they care for and we discuss those in post clinical also.
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    Hi Suni,

    I have 2 years of clinical teaching experience under my belt. First of all, I highly recommend purchasing the book Creative Teaching Strategies for Nurse Educators from F. A. Davis. It's a great resource!

    QSEN has some excellent faculty resources for teaching safety and quality. Here is the website link: Teaching Strategies | QSEN. Typically, I make a schedule based on the students' level and course content at the beginning of the semester for post-conferences. I use a variety of teaching modalities, but I really enjoy case studies. If something "interesting" happens during the clinical day, then I bring it up and we talk about it. For example, a post-op orthoedic patient on PCA receiving additional PO opioids with respiratory depression requiring Narcan - something that it fundamental nursing knowledge! Sometimes, depending on the circumstance, we have conversations about professionalism in healthcare - but usually a staff member ignites that one. If someone has an interesting patient, then yes, we talk about that, too.
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    Hi I was reading through this list looking for ideas for post conference. This will be the first year my friend and I are teaching a clinical group and are really hoping for some ideas that have been successful.
    If you can I would love if you could inbox me a few ideas. Thank you

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