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    I am looking at online PhD in Nursing Education programs. So far on my list I have Nova, University of Northern Colorado and Villanova (although it is not completely online). I like Capella's program, but worry about the school.

    Please let me know if you have any recommendations for good online PhD programs.

    Thank you!
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    University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee has an online PhD in nursing program- UWM College of Nursing Doctor of Philosophy - Online

    Per their own website..."Graduates are ready for careers in education, research, practice, and to assume leadership positions."

    I would choose this school for myself (if I go the doctoral route, either PhD or DNP, it will probably be from UWM, and possibly online). It is definitely worth adding to your list for consideration.
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    University of Texas - several branches around the state but they are all worthy.
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    UNM has one, I did my MSN through them.

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