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I precept students in the OR every semester and have up to 5 students per week with me in the OR for the entire day. This week was a little disturbing. I get these young ladies and gentlemen at the start of the day and take... Read More

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    Well. I just had one of the best nursing students I've ever had come through the OR. She's from a different school than the ones I've had at the first part of the semester and a little older. Maybe they are just re-charged after spring break. Anyway, today was a breath of fresh air for me. Within an hour or so she was tying up the surgeons, asking questions, making observations, and yes, she was answering questions! My faith has been restored in students. I wrote down my name and home phone number for her and told her when she graduates to call me. Even the surgeon said, 'oooh, this one talks!'. Now I'm excited again about the prospect of finishing my masters and teaching. Hope this lasts at least until the end of the semester and I hope I get more students from this school.

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    In defense of their lack of knowledge/willingness to answer questions, I have to say I completely understand where they're coming from. In the past two years, my brain has been so overloaded with info.. anatomy/physiology/pharmacology/med diagnoses/nursing diagnoses/procedures/tests/lab values.. I honestly don't think the human brain can absorb the amount of information we're required to know. I'm in my last semester of a four semester program and just now everything is starting to click. Things like ascites, pnemothorax, atelectasis, hepatosplenomagaly.. I never FULLY understood what any of these meant until I had a patient with these problems. I guarantee the vast majority of those students you mentioned have the answers to your questions somewhere in their brains. They're just saturated with so much information and things have yet to click![/QUOTE]

    I have to agree with manenough. The students today are a different breed with full time jobs, etc. & overwhelmed by many things both academic & personal. Not defending them because they should make an attempt to answer your questions. I am not sure what the answer is but it is comforting to know that there are nurses like you that care that are still out there. Don't get discouraged, we need you out there. Maybe try another tactic of asking questions somehow. Just hang in there.
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    It's hard being a student. During preceptorship they are thrown into an unfamiliar environment. You might be asking them complicated questions and all the while they may be thinkings "Hmmm.... where was the bathroom again, I really got to go. Will the nurse get mad if I ask to leave for a minute? What was her name again?
    We were all students once and the pressure is enormous. Some of your students may think it is better to keep quiet then to risk giving an answer that is wrong. Also some students will know the answers but will be unable to voice them because of nerves. Maybe you could try a different way of assessing what they learned in your clinical. May I suggest a relaxed post clinical meeting with a review and discussion of the days' procedures. Good luck.

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